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Don't lose your sense of humor because nobody wants to help
you find it.

- Ida Jane Pickens

Who We Are

During my business career I was extremely fortunate to work with several very talented people. No doubt, some of my success can be attributed to pure luck, but that can be said for just about any successful company. However, luck only goes so far. With 30+ years of business ownership, I understand business is really all about developing relationships and the importance of having a small group of exceptional Coaches and Mentors to rely on, to trust, and to get things done. Like so many things in life, it if often the simple things that make a difference.

This easy formula inspired me to start Franchise Me Consulting, Inc. My mission is very simple:

To help clients achieve their financial dreams through franchise ownership.

Franchise Me Consulting, Inc. wants to be your Coach or Mentor. As an affiliate of Business Alliance, Inc., representing over 300 top-notch and fully vetted franchise brands, Franchise Me Consulting, Inc. provides the tools, resources, and coaching to help you select the perfect match. Owning any business can be tough, and I will ask the tough questions and challenge some of your ideas.

To get started, I will take time to learn and understand your personal, financial and lifestyle goals. Give some thought to how this decision might impact your family, and where you want to be in 5 years. Think about your management style, or your personality. What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do in your spare time? From there I will utilize a proven and successful process to help you evaluate and identify successful franchise opportunities – ones aligned with your core values.

Throughout the journey, I will be there ready to answer any questions or concerns.

However, my success only starts with a completed transaction. The real win and measure of success is when the friendship and relationship continue beyond the business – and ultimately success is measured when my client says, “thanks, this is the best decision I ever made!”

So, whether you call me Coach, Recruiter, Partner, or just Mentor… I promise to earn your trust! Let’s get started and have some fun. Contact me at matt@franchisemeconsulting.com, or call me directly at 510-755-3363.

About Us

Franchise Me Consulting, Inc. understands that business success starts with developing relationships, and I take that commitment seriously. Matching you with the perfect franchise is the goal, but to me, true success comes when you say, “thanks, this is the best decision I ever made!”

So, whether you call me Coach, Recruiter, Partner, or just Mentor… Let Franchise Me Consulting, Inc. help you find the perfect match. I promise to earn your trust!

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